How Drainwell™ Cleans and Deodorizes

This ultimate liquid solution contains a mixture of different strains of beneficial bacteria that are adapted for plumbing work. It’s balanced to ensure efficient digestion of different types of compounds, like oils, starches, proteins, or sugars, and widespread dissemination within the system.

Drainwell™: The Ultimate Liquid Solution for Sovent Cleaning

The Drainwell™ liquid solution is formulated to maintain plumbing systems by breaking down different kinds of organic accumulation within the pipes. It’s composed of a proprietary blend of bacteria that actively digest grease, sugars, proteins, and other food compounds. This solution is specifically engineered to help maintain Sovent systems, but it works just as well in other plumbing needs.

Once the solution is released into a system, the bacteria are carried by the flow into all the hard-to-reach areas. They quickly consume and metabolize solid organic materials that they find and are then carried further to continue their work. This improves flow through the pipes, removes odor at the source, and prevents clogs from developing in the future.

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Completely Safe and Effective

Testing and purity are two key elements in any kind of bio-chemical technology. Bacteria used in Drainwell™ are produced in a carefully controlled environment and strains are verified during production. Their purity is also tested according to the Analytical Profile Index (API) and all individual products are subject to a quality check.

Aside from the quality assurance that comes from rigorous testing and production standards, Drainwell™ is a safe solution. It’s optimized for personal safety, provided basic precautions are taken, and has minimal impact on the pipes or the environment in general.

A Liquid Solution to Solid Problems

There are a lot of reasons to like Drainwell™, but its non-invasive and simple application is attractive to almost everyone. Mechanical cleaning and maintenance for systems in tall buildings can be a logistical nightmare. Using an effective liquid solution can cut the work down to a fraction for even better results depending on the condition of the system.

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At Drainwell, we focus on products that have proven results, are simple for property owners, and make minimal environmental impact. Our years of experience in commercial and multi-story plumbing give us the perspective we need to serve our clients with exceptional solutions of all kinds, including trenchless relining and mechanical cleaning services. Call us or fill out the form to consult our experts today.