Mechanical Cleaning

The Experts in Mechanical Cleaning in Florida

Tough pipe problems demand direct solutions, and mechanical cleaning is just that. The term can actually mean a lot of different things in the industry. However, in this context, it describes the technique of removing serious pipe obstructions with specialized technology and equipment. At Drainwell™, we take pride in being one of the foremost experts in mechanical pipe cleaning today.

A Look at The Mechanical Cleaning Process

The first step is almost always an initial consultation and video camera inspection. We believe it’s better to spend a little time gathering important and useful information before developing a solution. This gives us an opportunity to pinpoint locations of blockages and accurately assess the extent of pipe damage.

To actually clean the pipes, our technicians use a mobile cutting head attached to a pump system. The shape and size of the blades and cutting head are matched to the dimensions of the target pipe before it’s inserted into a local access point. The pump keeps the cutting head moving and working against obstructions throughout the line.

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A Host of Benefits for Property Owners

The main benefit of mechanical cleaning is that it can handle tough jobs and it does the work quickly. Assessment and implementation are usually accomplished in a matter of hours with demonstrable results.

Common applications include:

  • Destroy encroaching tree roots
  • Break down grease and grime
  • Remove mineral scale
  • Clear out solid inorganic material


Mechanical cleaning involves small access points at select locations across the piping system. The tools and equipment used in the process are designed for remote access to minimize disruption to the property.


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